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Grain Market Commentary - updated 05/14/2015


Agri-links.com Lots of Links to lots of Ag Info


CBOT Link to the Chicago Board of Trade-Good or bad this is where we get current market pricing for grain



**Disclaimer:� The content on these pages are the opinions of Gerald Slezak and are not intended to be a recommendation to buy or sell commodities in real life or on the CBOT, CME, KCBOT, etc.� Any correlation between the predictions and/or recommendations and actual market moves is purely coincidental and are not guaranteed to happen more than any other advisory service.� Some or all of the information and recommendations may have been gathered through real life situations, here-say, SWAG computations, and Bohemian legends.� Please use common sense in all farm marketing transactions.� We make no guarantee of content and will not be held responsible if you make money or loose money of your own free will.

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