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Everyone should have an up-to-date virus 'scanner', but sometimes other things get thru even the best defense. We use these tools to clean up infected computers. If you are looking for something to help clean up your machine, please be wary - slick adds and prmises may be hiding more trouble. We trust tools found on We trust many open source 'freebie' tools. We try to keep these linke up-to-date, but they may have you update them as soon as you've installed. That's normal. Easy to install, just follow teh screen instructions. You can uncheck premium trial as you install Malwarebytes, if left checked you will jsut get messages to buy when the free trial rusn out for premium.

Malwarebytes Free version can't be scheduled, please run it at least monthly if not more frequently.
Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit

Put this on a thumb drive - Spybot Portable doesn't install on your machine, so it can find things even when machine is running improperly

TeamViewer QuickStart Can help us help you remotely

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